What aged care services does Monash Health offer?

Monash Health offers a range of aged care services include services:

  • in your home
  • in community settings and 
  • in our residential aged care homes. 

For a list of our homes click here

We also offer health care in our community and hospital sites.

How do I get aged care services through Monash Health?

The pathway for accessing all government funded aged care services is through My Aged Care. You can contact My Aged Care through their website or by phone. 

When you call My Aged Care, they will:

  1. have a chat with you to find out what you need;
  2. arrange for someone to visit you for a face-to-face chat and assessment of what you want and need;
  3. let you know if you need to have a financial assessment.

Once the assessment has been completed My Aged Care will let you know the types of help you can get.

If you are struggling with the My Aged Care process, Monash Health’s expert Care Managers can help. Give us a call us on 9792 7788 and let us support you through the process.

What aged care services are subsidised by the Government?

Commonwealth subsidised Aged Care services for older people include: 

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP):

  • provides entry-level support for frail, older people who need some help with daily tasks to continue living independently at home.
  • provides small amounts of timely low-level home support services to frail, older people, who have difficulty performing activities of daily living without help due to functional limitations.
  • types of services include domestic assistance, personal care, home maintenance/modifications, social support, nursing and allied health.
  • The CHSP is not designed for older people with intensive, multiple and complex needs. These higher needs are generally supported through other aged care supports including the Home Care Packages Program, residential aged care and through the health care system.

I need an interpreter.

If you need an interpreter, please call Translating and Interpreting Services (TIS). They can interpret over 100 different languages.

Phone: 131 450 (you might be charged for the call by your phone company)

Opening hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Website: www.tisnational.gov.au

My Aged Care also has information about aged care services in other languages. Click here for more information.

I need help for a deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired person.

People who are deaf or who have a hearing or speech impairment can contact My Aged Care through the National Relay Service in two easy steps:

  1. Visit the National Relay Service website to choose your preferred access point
    • 1800 555 677 (TTY)
    • 1800 555 727 (Speech –to-Speech Relay)
  2. Ask for My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

Home Care Packages 

Home Care Packages (HCP) provide coordinated services for people with more complex needs so they can continue living independently in their own homes.

There are four levels of support:

  • Home Care Level 1 – basic care needs
  • Home Care Level 2 – low level care needs
  • Home Care Level 3 – intermediate care needs
  • Home Care Level 4 – high care needs

For information about Monash Health HCP click here.

Transition Care Programme 

Transition Care Programme (TCP) provides short term care for older people who have been in hospital but need more help to recover. It gives them time to make a decision about the best place for them to live in the longer term. Clients are assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Service while they are still in hospital. 

For information about Monash Health Transition Care click here.

Residential Care

Residential care is provided in an aged care home (sometimes known as a nursing home). It is designed for older people who can no longer live at home and need ongoing help with everyday tasks or health care. Residential aged care can be permanent or short-term care with help available 24 hours a day.

For more information about care in a Monash Health residential home please click here.

Respite Care

Respite Care allows you and your carer to have a short break. This may be for a few hours, days or for longer periods. It can take place in the home, an overnight respite cottage, a day centre or an aged care home.

There are different types of respite care to suit your situation depending on your needs, eligibility and the services available in your area. Types of respite include:

  • community based respite care and
  • residential respite care (short stays in aged care homes).

For more information about Monash Health respite care click here.

Questions about Home Care Packages:

Why should I choose Monash Health?

  • We are one of the most established and experienced providers of care at home
  • We are part of Monash Health, the biggest healthcare network in Victoria which means we provide healthcare as well as home care
  • Each client has a personal Care Manager
  • All our Care Managers and staff are highly trained and experienced
  • No hidden fees (no call fees, no travel/mileage fees, no extra fees)
  • No exit fees
  • We have multi lingual Care Managers and staff

Are your Care Managers and Care Workers trained and experienced? 

Yes.  All our staff have formal qualifications and industry experience. 

I have specific health related care needs – can you help?

Depending on the need, we can often get staff trained to provide specific health related care, because we are part of Monash Health.

Do you charge exit fees? 

No. We do not charge exit fees. All we need is 8 weeks written notice to transfer to end your contract with us.

Are your services culturally and religiously sensitive?

Yes. Monash Health is committed to providing services which respect cultural and religious diversity.

Will I be able to have the same staff each time? 

Whenever possible we try to make sure you get the same workers each time. Sometimes, this is not possible though. When your normal staff are not able to be there, we will always let you know, and we will try to send someone you have met before.  No matter who attends though, you can rest assured that they are well trained and experienced.

Does Monash Health charge the daily fee

When you get a Home Care Package, you will need to complete a Centrelink Means Test.

If you are assessed as a full aged care pensioner, Monash Health will not charge the basic daily fee.

If you are a part pensioner or self-funded retiree, Centrelink will advise the income tested fee that you will need to pay.

I have a letter from My Aged Care: what is the REF Code

The REF Code indicates that your Home Care Package funding has been approved. You can now choose your Home Care Package provider and begin to organise your services.

If you would like Monash Health to provide your Home Care Packages please call 9792 7788 and one of our staff will help you arrange it.

What is a Care Manager and what do they do? 

As a Monash Health Home Care Package client you will have your own personal Care Manager.

Monash Health Care Managers are highly trained experts who specialise in helping older clients through their aged care. Care Managers are a one-stop-service. They work with you to plan the services you want, and then they organise and coordinate all your services. They can also help by:

  • managing referrals to other specialist programs
  • monitoring your budget
  • visiting you at home
  • helping you work out your personalised Care Plan
  • working with you to achieve the things that are important to you

What services can I get as part of my Home Care Package? 

There are a lot of services available. What you choose, and how often you can get the service will depend on which package you get.  Services we offer include:

  • Personal Care
  • Housekeeping and gardening
  • Transport to appointments
  • Shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Equipment to make life easier
  • Activities and transport to keep you connected to your community
  • Home maintenance
  • Continence products
  • Health professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, 

How quickly can my services start once my HCP is approved?

If you choose Monash Health, you should begin receiving you services within one week of signing the Service Agreement.

We will organise the paper work and your personal Care Manager will visit you to talk about what services you want and need. When you are happy with the plan, we will both sign the Service Agreement and your Care Manager will organise your services.